clubwear clothing bannerClubwear is an ever evolving facet of fashion. We have decided to define clubwear loosely by including designs that are any of the following: 'mini', quick-dry/breathable, Ultra Violet or Glow in the Dark, Fun Fur, or simply needs to be included because we know that it is an important addition to the other clubwear styles.

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hand printed tights Antique keys

cad $29.00

Egg bag hard shell backpack Asteroid

cad $126.00

Plastik Wrap Bandage dress Bandage

cad $125.00   cad $50.00

Cyber punk goggles with spikes Biohazard goggles

cad $42.00

BichCraft cap sleeve top with ornage boot print. Boot Lover

cad $42.00

leather sock garters Bow sock garters.

cad $48.00   cad $25.00

Cell mini-skirt thumb Cell

cad $112.00   cad $45.00

Conjure mens top with military style straps large Conjure

cad $78.00   cad $50.00

coven a-line dress Coven

cad $169.00

coven knit dress by plastikwrap Coven_K

cad $149.00   cad $119.00