cyber industrial fashion bannerCyber and Industrial fashion share many elements, and depending on who you speak to you will get very different definitions.

Cyber fashion as a general rule includes more color (often UV and glow colors), and industrial uses metallic as a replacement for color.
A great cross over element is the use of iridescent materials as your contrast element, by using an iridescent you gain both the glimmer of a metallic and the flash of color that is important to many cyber styles.
Another element that often is the basis for a cyber ensemble is white; a huge contrast to the charcoal and black that is generally the base for both cyberpunk and industrial fashions, the use of a white base material fulfills both the UV requirement of many cyber outfits and sets a rather futuristic tone. Both styles depict a sense of futurism, only with differing focuses.

GHST RDR jacket

CODE: zepw_ww_0507_GHSTRDR_jacket

cad $199.00

GHST RDR jacket :highly tailored jacket with adjustable back straps.

Amazing collaboration between Zoetica Ebb and Plastik Wrap. Inspired by strict riding jackets of the Victorian era, Anime and the dark punk aesthetic. Made of a combination of quality suiting and soft knit, the jacket features 2 way front zipper, extra long sleeves finished with thumb holes, pleating waist details and structured shoulders. Adjustable back straps, make this jacket suitable for a variety of body types. GHST RDR summons visions of cyborg nuns, sexy assassins and art house aristocrats.


CODE: pw_mw_1603_cavalier

cad $225.00

Cavalier : Ultra modern mens jacket.

An avant-garde men's jacket. Detailed with a curved front panel, and wide collar. The Cavalier jacket invokes a sense of class while it maintains both of Plastik Wraps best known design features: industrial durability and sport flexibility. The jacket includes water-proof sleeves, stretch shoulder inserts and mesh lining.

GHST RDR skirt

CODE: zepw_ww_0507_GHSTRDR_skirt

cad $155.00

GHST RDR skirt : draped square skirt.

Truly a one of a kind design, this skirt combines a rich drape and feel, with a architectural construction and classic Plastik Wrap finishing details. Hand made in Canada of high quality fabrics, the GHST RDR skirt is made of a durable woven fabric that drapes beautifully around the body and is finished with a lush knit that completes the back side.
Excellent addition to any wardrobe...gothic, lolita, steampunk, cyber...


CODE: pw_ww_0703_combat

cad $139.00

Combat : long skirt with asymmetrical hemline.

Combat is a slightly A-line skirt, great to wear with platforms. Features two frontal pockets and adjustable hemline. You can change the shape of them hem with a toggle/cord system. Asymmetrical hemline adds to all over modern futuristic style.


CODE: pw_mw_0313_project

cad $155.00

Project : dark days mens vest.

Mens vest with 5 pockets, cowl style collar and loads of attitude. The Project vest is detailed with oxidized metal zippers, and rivets. It offers 2 zippered pockets as well as an internal hidden pocket. The hem line is shaped creating a unique waist line, the vest is loose slim fit with additional movement provided via the integrated shoulder stretch panels.

Recoil bag

CODE: ane_bp_recoil

cad $126.00

RECOIL : futuristic hard shell backpack.

This hard shell, molded vinyl bag can be worn many different ways. Comes with 2 adjustable straps and a change pocket. It has a build in key chain and change pocket. Opens via side zipper. Avant-garde futuristic accessory.


CODE: pw_ww_1009_nemesis

cad $142.00

Nemesis : Long transformable skirt with detachable side panels.

Truly unique skirt that can be worn many different ways. Features 4 panels that can be snapped together creating a full skirt with 4 slits, or you can take away (tear away) the side panels turning the skirt into a "belt" with front and back panels, perfect for layering or just wearing with hot pants. Another amazing 2 in 1 piece from Plastik Wrap.


CODE: pw_uni_1013_nightshade


cad $69.00

NightShade : harness top with pointy hood.

Everybody needs a hood. This one is hardcore, stylish and functional. Hood is fully lined. Features piping, pointy hood, adjustable straps, big plastic buckles, rivets and nylon webbing. Perfect accessory to any outfit, great for outdoor festivals, indoor parties or just wearing with your favorite daily outfit.


CODE: pw_ww_3108_Plutonium

cad $125.00

Plutonium : ultra modern over-bust cropped jacket.

Highly tailored short jacket with big cowl neckline and asymmetrical hemline. Made of a combination of durable poly cotton twill with soft knit sleeves and inner neckline. Features stretch shoulder panels, thumbholes, double neckline and double snap closure. Sexy over-bust cut, can be worn with many different styles.


CODE: pw_ww_0914_promiseburlesque

cad $75.00

Promise : Asian inspired burlesque harness vest with ruffle details.

This mini vest, can transform any boring t-shirt into a stylish ensemble. Made of luscious Asian brocade and fully lined. Features adjustable under bust belt, 2 double D-rings and some industrial grommets. A must have accessory. Can be worn with many different outfits.