steampunk clothing banner SteamPunk is a fashion style that is derived from science fiction, but rather than science fiction that looks into the future steampunk is a retrospective style that tends to focus on whimsical world powered by steam where the mechanical revolution is in high rear and invention abounds.

The fashion of steampunk marries influences from both traditional Gothic attire and Cyber gear. Much steampunk styling revolves around the time period of the mechanical revolution, and hence there are often similar silhouettes as seen in traditional gothic, with corsetry, bustles, and petticoats for women. Mens steampunk fashion tends to lean toward that of the explorer and inventor, imagine what a man might have worn on safari at this time? Now add sci-fi elements (much like you might expect with cyber) with a bronze and brass retro flare. Of course this is only touches on what is steampunk, but it should be enough to help you navigate the styles listed and gain an insight into why you should add them to you wardrobe.


CODE: pw_uni_0127_oilslick

cad $28.00

Oilslick : Long rubberized 'latex like' fingerless opera gloves.

Long rubberized opera gloves with high shine finish.


CODE: pw_ww_0127_fatale

cad $139.00

Fatale : Sleek dress with cowl hood.

Sleeveless  dress with over-sized draped side pockets and cowl neckline formed into a hood. Comfortable, sexy, avant-garde design. Back features key hole opening for extra breath-ability. Wear with big platforms as a dress or with pants as a tunic.


CODE: pw_uni_0127_oilslickmini

cad $22.00

OilSlickMini : latex like fingerless gloves.

OilSlickMini are fingerless gloves that can give you a look of latex, while still being breathable. Great accessory to any attire from steampunk to cyber. NOTE: some images are shown with leather cuffs worn over the gloves, the gloves do not include the cuffs.


CODE: pw_ww_0129_gateway

cad $129.00   cad $65.00

GateWay - A-line knit dress with PU print and mesh details.

This dress has asymmetrical cuts creating a corkscrew line around the body. Twisted mesh shoulder straps and asymmetrical hemline add to all over modern futuristic feel. Back is printed with "gateway" PU design. Build in toggle pulley system allows to change the front length and silhouette of the dress.


CODE: bc_0317_gund

cad $12.50

Gunderwear : Boy short style underwear with brocade gun prints on the side

How can you resist brocade printed guns, deadly sexy! Can be worn as underwear or hot pants with some tights.

Mechanical Heart

CODE: bc_0317_mheart_women

cad $35.00

Mechanical Heart : Cap sleeve shirt with heart print

Wear your heart on your sleeve or in this case shoulder! Almost anatomically correct heart design printed on a sexy top with cap sleeves.

Off with your HEADS!

CODE: bc_0318_Scissor_cap

cad $35.00

Off with your HEADS: Cap sleeve top with scissor ornate scissor design


Comfortable, sexy and deadly! Everybody needs a good pair of scissors and these once will definitely do the job.


CODE: bc_0318_nuts

cad $35.00

Nuts : slim fitting T-shirt with dripping nuts print.

Just a touch of horror in this shirt, with loads of sexy! Slim fitting, stylish and comfortable.

MEK Heart

CODE: bc_0319_mekheart

cad $35.00

MEK heart : slim fitting shirt with teky heart design.

Ladies will love you for wearing your heart on your sleeve (or in this case on your shoulder), its a great way to show that you care. Stylish almost anatomically correct mechanical heart design is guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd!

PVC Uplift

CODE: pw_ww_0319_ww_Uplift_PVC

cad $65.00

PVC Uplift : harness vest with adjustable straps.

Uplift  top is a highly flexible and can be worn with many different styles. It is great with simple tops, dresses or even just on its own. The possibilities are endless. Ads just the right attitude to any outfit!