BichCraft cap sleeve top with ornate scissor print. Off with your HEADS!

cad $35.00

Mens shirt with industrial design print Nuts

cad $35.00

Avant-garde harness vest. PVC Uplift


cad $65.00

Plastik wrap - cyber punk mens shirt Divide

cad $72.00   cad $39.00

Plastik Wrap aleter ego shrug Alter Ego shrug

cad $65.00

Cyber punk goggles with UV spikes Radio_active

cad $38.00

Combat cyber industrial skirt Combat

cad $129.00

Plastik Wrap phase mens pants Phase

cad $145.00   cad $85.00

Plastik Wrap elbow lenght gloves Silver Storm

cad $26.00

harness with hood NightShade


cad $69.00