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After spending five years in sketchbook purgatory, Zoetica's designs have finally been brought to life with the help of Plastik Wrap's Adriana and Ryan, who helped flesh out the concepts and select materials for her first foray into full-fledged fashion design.
Inspired by strict riding jackets of the Victorian era, Anime and the dark punk aesthetic, this tailored top and square skirt combo will only leave you breathless from admiration, not from lack of air. Classic tailoring and flourishes such as pleats, draping and structured sleeves are vivified with modern materials and adjustable straps for a fit that's as devastatingly flattering as it is forgiving. Made in all-black, and black-and-gray, GHST RDR summons visions of cyborg nuns, sexy assassins and art house aristocrats.

This is the second collaboration between Plastik Wrap and Zoetica Ebb – they first joined forces in 2008 for a limited run of T-shirts.

About Zoetica:

Ebb Zoetica Ebb is an LA-based artist, photographer and magazine editor dedicated to proving that life is as beautiful as we make it. Born in Moscow, she is inspired by Russian folklore, hidden worlds, and outer space. Enthusiasm personified, she pours her infectious passion into everything she does. Her rousing message of self-acceptance, creativity and courage has earned her a cult following around the globe. Zoetica has been featured on G4 TV, MTV, LA Weekly, Valleywag, and a kaleidoscope of other sources.
On her blog, biorequiem.com, Zoetica offers unorthodox fashion advice alongside lifestyle tips, as well a cultural commentary, and answers readers' questions about everything from ways to dress in a post-goth world to quitting art school to learning to love the world.
In mid 2000s, after years of running her own art, photo, and style blog, Zoetica began writing a successful online fashion column at SuicideGirls.com and co-founded Coilhouse Magazine, a thriving web and print publication dedicated to alternative culture. She's currently working on a variety of projects, including a new painting series on the subject of beastly flora.

About Plastik Wrap:

Plastik Wrap designs men's and women's clothing with a flare for body flattering shapes and cutting edge detailing. Influenced by contemporary music, underground art and a progressive lifestyle Plastik Wrap strives to support diversity through the development of unique fashion.
Fronted by two creative individuals Adriana Fulop and Ryan Webber; Plastik Wrap is 100% designed and manufactured in Canada, and has reached fringe boutiques around the globe in locations such as Japan, Europe, Australia and North America.
Over the past decade, Plastik Wrap has been consistently recognized for its innovation. It has been featured in international media, including ELLE Canada, Techmag China, Live Slovakia, Auxiliary Magazine, LuLu Magazine, The Toronto Star, National Post, The New York Times, and Space Channel. The label was also included in the Gothic: Dark Glamour exhibit in New York’ s FIT Museum, and in the book of the same name by Valerie Steele in 2009.

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About the Fit:

GHST RDR adheres to the sizing conventions that Plastik Wrap has developed since starting in 2001.
You can find the Plastik Wrap size chart here as well, it is loaded into a "SIZING" tab on each GHST RDR product page.



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