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Avant-garde harness vest. PVC Uplift

CODE: pw_ww_0319_ww_Uplift_PVC


cad $69.00
harness with hood NightShade

CODE: pw_uni_1013_nightshade


cad $69.00
anime over the knee legwarmers Kawaii legwarmers

CODE: pw_ww_0203_kawailegwarmers

cad $86.00
sexy mini vest by Plastik Wrap Promise

CODE: pw_ww_0914_Promise

cad $75.00
burlesque vest by Plastik Wrap Promise_burlesque

CODE: pw_ww_0914_promiseburlesque

cad $75.00
mens harness with hood NightShade_M

CODE: pw_uni_1013_nightshade_M


cad $79.00
close up of harness vest bustline, showing hood Salem

CODE: pw_uni_0611_salem

cad $95.00