by Genre

fashion genre bannerWe have taken the time to organize the products available into different genres.
By grouping products into genres it can be easier for you to imagine how a specific design will work with your personal style.
We have mixed everything together here, including: accessories (like legwarmers), jewellery, tops and bottoms, as well as; mens and womens.

Gateway sleeveless dress thumb Gateway

cad $129.00   cad $65.00

Re-Lease hot shorts thumbnail 1 Re-Lease

cad $85.00   cad $75.00

Avant-garde harness vest. PVC Uplift

cad $65.00

Shirt with industrial dragon print Dragon_Fly

cad $76.00

harness with hood NightShade

cad $69.00

anime over the knee legwarmers Kawaii legwarmers

cad $86.00

Plastik Wrap shorts Fragment

cad $79.00

Plastik Wrap shrug top Luscious

cad $68.00

Plastik Wrap PVC shorts PVC Fragment

cad $89.00

PVC Sashou cropped top PVC Sashou

cad $85.00