by Genre

fashion genre bannerWe have taken the time to organize the products available into different genres.
By grouping products into genres it can be easier for you to imagine how a specific design will work with your personal style.
We have mixed everything together here, including: accessories (like legwarmers), jewellery, tops and bottoms, as well as; mens and womens.

Plastik Wrap opera gloves OilSlick

cad $28.00

Parasite attachable bondage pocket thumb Parasite

cad $45.00

Cell mini-skirt thumb Cell

cad $112.00   cad $45.00

Cap sleeve top with steampunk heart design print Mechanical Heart

cad $35.00

BichCraft cap sleeve top with ornate scissor print. Off with your HEADS!

cad $35.00

Mens shirt with industrial design print Nuts

cad $35.00

Plastik wrap - cyber punk mens shirt Divide

cad $72.00   cad $39.00

Cyber punk goggles with UV spikes Radio_active

cad $38.00

Plastik Wrap elbow lenght gloves Silver Storm

cad $26.00

BitchCraft men's shirt with sugar skull print SugarSkull Men

cad $35.00