gothic clothing bannerGothic fashion, has been around for a long time (centuries from one point of view) and includes a huge variety of styles.

Here we are going to focus primarily on what is a modern classic goth. We are looking for designs available in black, made of both sleek and rich fabrics.
Some styles will work well for the corporate goth look, made with suit like fabrics cut in clean classic styles (think EGL : elegant gothic lolita ).
Others go a little further experimenting with fabric and texture, as well as; adding avante-garde details that will make you stand our from the crowd. You will find the LBD (little black dress) you have been looking for.

Handcuff earrings with chains

CODE: mi_0812_minihandcufs

cad $48.00

Handcuff earrings : sterling silver earrings with chains.

Little cuffs are 12 mm wide by 15 mm long , hanging from mixed silver chains.
All sterling silver, oxidized finish. Total length approx. 75 mm 
Handmade Oxidized finish. Made in Montreal, Canada.

NUCLEAR-sterling silver earrings

CODE: mi_0806_nuclear

cad $48.00   cad $25.00

Nuclear : sterling silver earrings.

Badass earrings with dangerous details. All made of sterling silver, including the hooks. Pretty lightweight and still hardcore!!! They have a rough and industrial look although simple and minimalist. Oxidized finish, handmade in Montreal, Canada.

OCCULT- sterling silver earrings

CODE: mi_0806_occult

cad $75.00

Occult : sterling silver earrings witchy earrings.

Very lightweight, good movement, sexy, moody and stylish! Rolo chains, and triangle measure a total of 2.25 inches long. Earring hooks are also sterling silver. Fun, edgy and stylish. Oxidized finish.