gothic clothing bannerGothic fashion, has been around for a long time (centuries from one point of view) and includes a huge variety of styles.

Here we are going to focus primarily on what is a modern classic goth. We are looking for designs available in black, made of both sleek and rich fabrics.
Some styles will work well for the corporate goth look, made with suit like fabrics cut in clean classic styles (think EGL : elegant gothic lolita ).
Others go a little further experimenting with fabric and texture, as well as; adding avante-garde details that will make you stand our from the crowd. You will find the LBD (little black dress) you have been looking for.

GHST RDR jacket

CODE: zepw_ww_0507_GHSTRDR_jacket

cad $199.00

GHST RDR jacket :highly tailored jacket with adjustable back straps.

Amazing collaboration between Zoetica Ebb and Plastik Wrap. Inspired by strict riding jackets of the Victorian era, Anime and the dark punk aesthetic. Made of a combination of quality suiting and soft knit, the jacket features 2 way front zipper, extra long sleeves finished with thumb holes, pleating waist details and structured shoulders. Adjustable back straps, make this jacket suitable for a variety of body types. GHST RDR summons visions of cyborg nuns, sexy assassins and art house aristocrats.

GHST RDR skirt

CODE: zepw_ww_0507_GHSTRDR_skirt

cad $155.00

GHST RDR skirt : draped square skirt.

Truly a one of a kind design, this skirt combines a rich drape and feel, with a architectural construction and classic Plastik Wrap finishing details. Hand made in Canada of high quality fabrics, the GHST RDR skirt is made of a durable woven fabric that drapes beautifully around the body and is finished with a lush knit that completes the back side.
Excellent addition to any wardrobe...gothic, lolita, steampunk, cyber...