gothic clothing bannerGothic fashion, has been around for a long time (centuries from one point of view) and includes a huge variety of styles.

Here we are going to focus primarily on what is a modern classic goth. We are looking for designs available in black, made of both sleek and rich fabrics.
Some styles will work well for the corporate goth look, made with suit like fabrics cut in clean classic styles (think EGL : elegant gothic lolita ).
Others go a little further experimenting with fabric and texture, as well as; adding avante-garde details that will make you stand our from the crowd. You will find the LBD (little black dress) you have been looking for.


CODE: pw_uni_0127_oilslick

cad $28.00

Oilslick : Long rubberized 'latex like' fingerless opera gloves.

Long rubberized opera gloves with high shine finish.


CODE: pw_ww_0127_fatale

cad $139.00

Fatale : Sleek dress with cowl hood.

Sleeveless  dress with over-sized draped side pockets and cowl neckline formed into a hood. Comfortable, sexy, avant-garde design. Back features key hole opening for extra breath-ability. Wear with big platforms as a dress or with pants as a tunic.


CODE: pw_uni_0127_oilslickmini

cad $22.00

OilSlickMini : latex like fingerless gloves.

OilSlickMini are fingerless gloves that can give you a look of latex, while still being breathable. Great accessory to any attire from steampunk to cyber. NOTE: some images are shown with leather cuffs worn over the gloves, the gloves do not include the cuffs.


CODE: pw_ww_0129_gateway

cad $129.00   cad $65.00

GateWay - A-line knit dress with PU print and mesh details.

This dress has asymmetrical cuts creating a corkscrew line around the body. Twisted mesh shoulder straps and asymmetrical hemline add to all over modern futuristic feel. Back is printed with "gateway" PU design. Build in toggle pulley system allows to change the front length and silhouette of the dress.


CODE: pw_ww_0129_cell

cad $112.00   cad $45.00

Cell : sexy mini skirt with removable strap details.

Cell is a combination of feminine fabrics with edgy industrial detailing. Fully lined with removable straps and stretch waist panels. Flirty, girly yet edgy! Great style for any cyber lolita.


CODE: pw_ww_0129_cage

cad $250.00

Cage - long cyber goth gown with harness overlay. 

A perfect combiantion of elegant and edgy. This dress is actually 2 in 1 piece. You can wear the dress on its own without the harness and you can wear the harness with any other simple dress. This avantgarde piece is guaranteed to turn heads. Slightly A-line silhuette is flattering to almost all body shapes. This is a combination of tailored and deconstructed all in one.


CODE: ane_prs_centepede

cad $129.00

Centipede : futuristic spiky purse

Perfect accessory for intergalactic ladies out there. This hard shell purse will be a talk at any dance, gallery, dinner, outings. Made of molded vinyl with clear plastic handles.

Recoil bag

CODE: ane_bp_recoil

cad $126.00

RECOIL : futuristic hard shell backpack.

This hard shell, molded vinyl bag can be worn many different ways. Comes with 2 adjustable straps and a change pocket. It has a build in key chain and change pocket. Opens via side zipper. Avant-garde futuristic accessory.

Knock Out!

CODE: bc_0317_und-knockout

cad $12.50

Knock out! : sexy boy short style underwear

This little number can be worn as underwear or as hot pants over tights. Soft, stretchy with and edge. Sexy brass knuckle/star design is printed on each hip.


CODE: bc_0317_gund

cad $12.50

Gunderwear : Boy short style underwear with brocade gun prints on the side

How can you resist brocade printed guns, deadly sexy! Can be worn as underwear or hot pants with some tights.