cyber industrial fashion bannerCyber and Industrial fashion share many elements, and depending on who you speak to you will get very different definitions.

Cyber fashion as a general rule includes more color (often UV and glow colors), and industrial uses metallic as a replacement for color.
A great cross over element is the use of iridescent materials as your contrast element, by using an iridescent you gain both the glimmer of a metallic and the flash of color that is important to many cyber styles.
Another element that often is the basis for a cyber ensemble is white; a huge contrast to the charcoal and black that is generally the base for both cyberpunk and industrial fashions, the use of a white base material fulfills both the UV requirement of many cyber outfits and sets a rather futuristic tone. Both styles depict a sense of futurism, only with differing focuses.

harness with hood NightShade

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Avant-garde harness vest. PVC Uplift

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Plastik Wrap shrug top Luscious

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Shirt with industrial dragon print Dragon_Fly

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Hoody with industrial dragon print Wasteland

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Tactical cyber menswear top Tactical

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anime over the knee legwarmers Kawaii legwarmers

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Plastik Wrap shorts Fragment

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sexy mini vest by Plastik Wrap Promise

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Plastik Wrap PVC shorts PVC Fragment

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